Contract Manufacturing

Our Workforce

In addition to providing efficient, cost-effective production services to Central Missouri, CMSE’s mission includes providing meaningful work experiences to persons with disabilities who might not otherwise have the opportunity to work and be productive citizens.

The steady growth and success of CMSE over its 50 years of service to the businesses and industries of Central Missouri can be largely attributed to its workforce of 130 dedicated employees.

Our employees carry a great sense of pride in their jobs. For our customers, this enthusiasm and commitment translate into high-quality workmanship, greater product reliability, fast, dependable deliveries, and economic service.

The professional staff at CMSE works side-by-side with our workforce to assure the highest levels of quality control in our finished products. Our staff members take part in the same managerial functions as other managers in business and industry including employee supervision, adherence to production schedules and deadlines, and employee encouragement and motivation.

CMSE represents a flexible, low-cost alternative to performing labor-intensive projects in-house. We provide our customers with an extensive array of services.

Our Services

Assembly & Sub-Assembly


Counting & Checking

Parts & Material Salvage

Pricing & Labeling

Mailing & Shipping

Bagging & Packaging

Sorting & Colating

Our Capabilities

CMSE has over 130 employees working at our facilities 5 days a week. Our 50 years of experience in contract manufacturing with companies such as 3M, Group Schneider and Otscon (all ISO 9000 companies) is proof enough that we are able to help meet the production demands of any manufacturing operation. With our diverse state-of-the-art equipment including shrink wrappers, baggers, sealers and presses and more than 50,000 square feet of assembly/warehouse space, we can efficiently handle the jobs that are too costly or time-consuming to be completed at your company.